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Unique treatments to take care of your face, whether it's a hydration boost or anti-aging treatment.


Boost Your Day

An express facial treatment that will cleanse, purify and moisturize your entire skin, and at the same time you will relax with a shoulder and cervical massage and finish with a head massage to not only rejuvenate but also relax.

40m   68€

Deep Hydration

Deep cleansing facial, ideal for quickly restoring shine, oxygenation and elasticity to tired and devitalized skin. Using facial acupressure techniques and an effective combination of essential oils will quickly leave your skin cleansed and oxygenated.

50-80m   80-95€


The most complete anti-aging facial treatment. This is the perfect ritual for dry and sensitive skin. This treatment nourishes for a long time, increasing the tolerance threshold of the epidermis that suffer from the natural losses of age.

80m   110€