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Massage Rituals For Couples

Come and enjoy with your other half of one of three experiences of pure relaxation and well-being for two.

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An experience pure relaxation and wellbeing, for two. In this massage, relaxing movements are performed throughout the body, to relieve stress and fatigue, improve circulation and relax muscles. Essential oils are used to provide a unique experience.

50-70m   120-155€


A perfect moment for two. Immerse yourself in the heat of oils and hot stones, which will cover your entire body in an amazing massage. Stones of volcanic origin are heated to release heat and therapeutic properties, which by massaging each of the muscles and areas of the body, will provide the most profound relaxation.

70m   190€


A delightful moment for two. In this massage, the therapists will perform movements simultaneously, in the couple, as if it were a dance. Essential oils are used to provide a unique experience and ensure that it relaxes your body and mind. This massage can be done with a stronger pressure, or a gentler one.

50-80m   150-170€