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Ideal therapeutic massages for those looking to recover, revitalize, slim or balance.

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Do Sports & Recover

The massage of choice for athletes. If you do a lot of physical activity, this massage helps to reduce tension in the muscles, re-oxygenating them and increasing blood flow to the tissues. Miofascial and softer tissue release techniques are used. These techniques are designed to stretch muscles and help with post-workout recovery.

50-80m   80-110€

Therapeutic Ritual

A deep, immersive massage that will work every muscle in your body. To relieve everyday stress, will be uses deep massage techniques to release the accumulation of tension in the muscles, so that you can feel relaxed and refreshed.

50-80m   80-110€


Special for moms-to-be! This massafe is realized with the mother-to-be on the side, and with its own techniques to relieve the tensions of pregnancy: It will relieve muscle tension and lower back and neck pain. Therapeutic oils are used to help eliminate any contractures that build up. A massage with you in mind, for you.

50m   68€

Revitalize your Legs

Massage performed on the legs and feet with invigorating essential oils to reduce fatigue and muscle fatigue. The massage stimulates blood circulation, being quite indicated to alleviate the discomfort caused by swollen and heavy legs. This symptom is common nowadays, related to sedentarization, this massage will be your safe haven and will help fight tired legs.

30-50m   50-70€

Slim & Shine

The combination of therapeutic movements with essential oils will enhance the effects of a powerful slimming massage.

40m   60€


Reflexology is a healing practice associated with chinese traditional medicine, and it is believed that there are several points on the feet that correspond to different glands and viscera in the human body. During the massage, the therapist uses reflexology techniques on key points on your feet that contain nerve points that correspond to various organs in the body. By stimulating these points, it increases the production of nitric oxide, an important compound for the body as it has analgesic properties.

40m   68€